Up early.  Worried about the temp.  Just checked the outside temp. 14 degrees.  Whatever happened to 26?  Just realized that I had not activated the diesel burner in the heating system.  Let’s hope the electric backup is doing the trick.  The coach was pretty warm and got warmer with the Oasis burner.

A hike up the hill above the KOA showed some great views of Flagstaff.  I was anxious to move on.   When we returned to the coach I went to check the Explorer and found a dead battery.  One nice thing about a second engine is that one of two usually starts and then can jump the other.  In a few minutes we had enough juice to start the Explorer.

US 89 had apparently collapsed just south of Page, AZ in mid Feb.  The detour around to Page was about 160 mi.  So we decided to take 89A and drop into Marble Canyon, cross the Colorado over the Navajo Bridge at Lee’s Ferry and climb up onto the Kaibab plateau and take 89A to Kanab.

It turned out to be the best drive of the trip.  Spectacular Vermillion cliffs.  A narrow road that ends up on the Kaibab Plateau.


We saw one large bird that could have been the elusive condor.  They had been reintroduced to this area in 1996 and apparently are thriving.

This is one of the most remote roads we have ever found.   Not many places to pull off and rest but we found one.


We pushed up 89 to Hatch and found the Riverside RV Park.  We were one of the earliest campers.  There was one other trailer in the camp when we pulled in.   The park is for sale.  It includes the restaurant.  Beautiful valley but really remote.

It was wide open compared to the KOA in the trees.  The coach was happier.  We headed up to Red Canyon for a few evening photos.


Pretty dramatic sandstone.    We are planning a hike there tomorrow if we can find a dry enough trail.

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