Clouds and wind.  The trails are too muddy and we decide to start for Green River.  After all I didn’t know what crisis we would find today so I thought we could use the extra time. We are on the road at the crack of 11:30.  The fuel gauge seems to favor a stop at Richfield.  There is a Flying J there.  We should get pretty fresh fuel if not inexpensive.  I knew the coach was a little thirsty but this was an eye opener


I think when I was young my father bought a car for something like this figure.

I figured I had better get used to this.  The fuel computer on the bus said it was averaging 6.53 miles per gallon since it started.  Over half of that was not pulling our little car.

The weather had started to clear in Moab so we decided to push onto there.  We got very lucky and found the last site at the Portal RV resort.  This has always been our go to place in Moab.  It is simply a 10.  Clean, large sites.  All concrete.  A great salt water pool.  Friendly staff.  And there is no additional charge for the WiFi.  They are organized.  If you are a late arrival they leave your instructions on the board outside the office.

As we go to unhook out little Explorer we find the battery dead again.  We have been driving for 5 hours with the key in the accessory position.  That might have been enough to deplete the entire battery.  Bev thinks we need a new car battery.  It is only 3 and ½ years old but we have run it all the way down a couple of times.  I think we just need to start and run the car from time to time.  She is probably right.   I make a note to myself to ask a Ford dealer if disconnecting the battery would defeat the neutral tow function.  I have a feeling it will.

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