5/10/13 Setting Out

5/10/13  Good bye to the house.

Bev and I said some last minute good byes to some friends and then it was finally time to stuff the dogs and whatever else we could carry into the Explorer and head for the motor home.  As the garage door closed we said our farewells to the house and set out on what we hoped would be a memorable journey.

We had stored the motor home at the Junction West RV park in Grand Junction, CO.  The folks at this really nice park let us store it there for the last two weeks.  As we pulled in we were happy to see it was just as we had left it.  This would be our home for the next four months.  It was late and we spent the night here.


Our morning walk took us down a nearby road with the dogs.  There a rancher was feeding his 50 or so head of cattle.  As we stopped to take a photo he walked on over.  Nice guy.  We visited about his cattle for quite a while.  Turns out these little steers he just bought weigh about 800 lbs.  At the end of the summer he believes they’ll gain 200 – 250 lbs.  each.  He has 57 head.  Today’s price for beef is 1.40/lb. He must have some expenses.  Seems to me a lot of work for a limited return.  Can’t see how he makes a living at that rate.


We were on Hiway 50 and our next destination was Gunnison, CO.  We have some great friends there.  Allan and Francie Ivy. They own the Mesa RV resort.  Allan is a great photographer who has been trying to teach Bev and I something about the art for years.  Bev has done better than myself.  But they are unique good folks who we really enjoy.  We had planned to spend the summer there in Gunnison before this trip but this rather lengthy journey postponed that.

This is a great RV resort.  Our favorite.  Very friendly staff.  Clean, well managed.  Surrounded by lots of outdoor activities.  Allan has frequent slide shows of his work.  A great environment with lots of comradery.  We shall miss Gunnison this year.  But we’ll be back.


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