Graceland 5/18-5/20


Memphis is a big city and its hard to find the right RV park in advance.  With only 48hrs to go we called and got the “last two” spots at the Graceland RV Park.  We were bound for Graceland anyway and this seemed like a good spot.  Reviews were good.

We were off from Branson by 8:15.  340 miles and a lot of narrow roads later we made it to Memphis. But the trip was not without some reminders of where we were.

As we approached Marshall, Arkansas we passed a fellow riding a horse toward our  coach.  He was shirtless and had a large swastika tattooed on his chest.

One of our goals on this trip was to learn about the Civil War.  Bev had some teaching CDs and we have been listening to lectures about the time before the war and are now about half way through the battles.  Every once and a while we see reminders that some things haven’t changed much here.

It was the end of a long day when we pulled off the hiway onto Elvis Presley Blvd and headed for the Heartbreak Hotel – the entrance to the RV park.   We did get the last spot but it was next to the Pavillion where they played the Elvis Channel from Sirius radio 24 hr. a day.  The little lanes here were all named after Elvis songs.



If you want to see a cross section of America come to Graceland.   There were a few tents.  But there was every size RV you could imagine.  You have the big buses and occasionally you see some cute little pull alongs.


Some folks don’t pull much and that’s why they have cabins.



There are endless ways to camp.

We heard that they were going to open Graceland an hour early on Sunday.  This is a very controlled experience.  You walk past the Heartbreak Hotel to the ticket building.  It is not booth.  We were the second couple there. The lines here are legendary.  I don’t do long lines well. Through the souvenir shop to the bus line.  Board the bus that takes you across the street.  Line up in front of the mansion.



As we waited for our admission I wondered how many millions had stood here waiting to take the same tour.  Once inside you feel transported back to the 60s.

When you saw the room with his costumes and gold records it really brought home how remarkable this man was.  He introduced a new music sound but he was in the right place at the right time.  TV had just started and Elvis was the original musician that would ride this new medium to the top.


Exit through the obligatory gift shop.  Some of the items here seemed a little high.  The $90 DVD with a few videos of Elvis movies seemed a little silly.

Lots of vintage cars and a couple of planes.  Elvis seemed to have it all.   But too much success probably isn’t good for anybody.

Tomorrow we are off for Atlanta.  It is over 400 mi.  We are camping on the eastern side of Atlanta and my goal is to get there before rush hour.  We are going to need an early start.


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