Hilton Head Island, SC 5/23-5/29


Only 300 mi. to go today.  It gets light a little later in the western part of the eastern time zone so we cleared the pad at 06:15.  We squeezed out through the little entrance and hooked up our little car.  I naively thought traffic would be lighter but as we squeezed onto Hiway 78 we joined the herds rapidly headed for Atlanta.  The signs monitoring traffic flow said speeds were 55+.  That is an interesting observation since the speed limit here is 55. I was going 60 and everyone was scurrying to pass me.  I estimated the average speed to be 70.  We stayed to the west and eventually the traffic thinned as we headed south.

Remember my love for crowds.  Well, this is the dreaded Memorial Day Weekend.  We had been lucky enough to find a large RV park, a former Outdoor Resorts, on Hilton Head that had space for our coaches.  At least we had a place to hide from the crowds.

Hilton Head Island Motor Coach Resort was huge at >400 lots.  But it was 35 years old.  Two challenges.  The spaces and the entire park was built at a time when motor homes were much smaller.  A 30ft motor home was big then.  Now 45 is a standard large coach.  Also the trees had more than matured and, while attractive, created some challenges for driving.  On arrival you are assigned an escort that guides you around the trees in a complex series of one way paths.  He also helps you squeeze your coach onto the lot.  This is very helpful.


My approach to a holiday weekend is to stock up on food before and start a project a home that will keep me away from the crowds.  Going to a major resort location on Memorial Day weekend doesn’t follow my usual pattern.  But we decided to bike to the beach.  The traffic is so thick here people have resorted to bikes for shorter distances.  We stood out wearing helmets.  It seemed this was out of style.  Many of the folks were our age.  They apparently didn’t get the memo about head injuries in geezers.

Bev was feeling pretty frisky and decided to ride her bike through a children’s fountain.



Soon we reached the beach.  Don loved the beach and started riding his bike in the wet sand as did everyone else with chubby tires.  I balked.  Why would I want to get sand and salt on my bike?

Phil is not a beach guy. Its probably a stage of life thing.  The beach is desired for sun, sand, and people.  At this stage of life I try to avoid the sun. Why folks want to get sandy is beyond me.  And we’ve talked about the people problem.

Soon we found a nice bike trail.  It turns out these trails cover the entire island.  During our 5 days here Don and I biked most of them.  The highest elevation on this island is about 5 ft.  Riding here is like skiing the green runs.  You really get impressed with yourself.


The oppressive sign code here might keep the natural beauty of the trees but it makes it almost impossible to find the simplest of services.  This is truly a locals place.  You have to know where you are going or you will never find it.  One afternoon Bev and I were looking for the “Dry dock Restaurant”   It was 12:30.  We searched and searched where the GPS led us.  Finally, we called the restaurant.  The owner answered.  He asked what we saw around us.  While we were on the phone he gave us turn by turn directions.  Then he said “I can see you now.  A red SUV.”  That was us.  We saw him waving.  As we entered the restaurant we were the only customers.  He reported this happens 5 or 6 times a day.  Not good for business.


Hilton Head was a nice respite but it is time to move on.   I have been studying for my Freightliner Course.  Looking forward to moving to Charleston, SC.

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