Lexington, VA 6/6/13

While we were at Freightliner School our friends, Don and Terry Cohen, attended a rally for their Winnebago Navion in Ashville, NC.  We had agreed to meet them at Gettysburg, PA to continue our study of the Civil War.

We departed Gaffney heading north in heavy rain.  I had pretty intense thundershowers while I was waiting for the course to begin.  One night the thunder clap was so loud the coach shook.  The dogs got a little nervous.  I thought of a fellow, I thought was a little crazy at the time, we met in Graceland who said he put insulating pads under his jacks each night to keep a nearby lighting strike from coming up into the coach.  I thought he was a little nuts then but perhaps there was something to what he said.

The heavy rain caused multiple traffic jams even on the interstate and we made it only as far as Lexington, VA.  We found a KOA that said they could accommodate our bus.  It was an older park, with “mature” trees, and we had to do the big tree slalom with a guide to reach our site.  Hard to believe any of these sites could be level.  But our guide put us on a site that was big enough and within the range of our leveling jacks.

He asked where we were headed and when I told him Prince Edward Island and Nova Scotia his eye lit up.  He was just graduating from Virginia Military Institute.  Had had a girl friend who had been accepted as a vet student on PEI.  He had driven her up there at first and visited twice since then.  I asked him how long was the drive..  It takes him 21 hours.  I groaned quietly to myself because I would be about 2/3 his speed.  He had a small car and motivation.  Well, I guess I had a bit of the motivation.

It was getting dark.  The rain was picking up.  We leveled the coach and settled in for the night.  We finished dinner and were sitting reading when I heard an ominous “Uh Oh” from Bev.  The roof panel above her head had started dripping at the rate of a fast IV.  The dreaded roof leak.  I found our largest pot and put it under the leak.  It would fill before the night was over.  Going onto the roof on a dark night in pouring rain had limited appeal.  I decided to try to tip the coach and maybe get the water away from the leak.  I dropped the nose and the leak miraculously stopped.  I couldn’t believe the luck.  In the morning I would take a look.

My second piece of luck was a break in the rain early in the morning.  I pulled out the ladder and climbed onto the roof.  Finding a leak up here was a needle in a haystack.  There were multiple penetrations of the roof sealed with a cream colored roof sealant.  The leak could have started anywhere.  I found a bracket with the water now collected in the front portion.  The rear of the bracket had a large bolt and it looked like the sealant here might not have gone all around its base.

My next piece of luck was that the KOA office had opened early and he had some silicone sealant for sale.

Phil the roofer was back in position, hoping this was the offending leak.



The silicone material was supposed to stay dry for 24hr. to cure.  Good chance of that.  I built a plastic tent with shopping bags and duct tape.  Then I hoped for the best.


The irony of the writing on the bag did not escape me.

The inside of the coach was still dry and there was no stain on the ceiling.  No one gets this lucky.

By 0900 we were back on the road.

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